How NOT to VideoCall


How (not) to Video Call, 75 essential rules of etiquette for successful virtual meetings.

How do you make video calling more fun and professional for you and for others? The 75 essential rules of etiquette in this book will ensure you have successful virtual meetings.

Video calling — certainly because of the coronavirus pandemic — has become an indispensable part of all our lives. “Hello? Can you all hear me?”; “I hear you, but I can’t see you”; “The report frWOOF WOOF WOOFhere”; “I-i HEAR-hear AN-an ECHO-echo”; “Is that a dishwasher or the coffeemaker?”; “Have we lost Mary? Mary?; Are you still there?”. Whether you’re in a formal meeting or just chatting away with your friends or family, How (not) to Video Call will help you have the call be a success and make the best of it.

Marlous de Haan is an expert in the area of video calling. She guides online meetings and provides training in how you can successfully use video conferencing. As a physical therapy scientist, she studies the physical, mental and social problems that are caused by the use of mobile devices. In addition, she is specialized in nomophobia, the cause of smartphone addiction. She has previously published the book How (not) to Smartphone, 125 essential rules of etiquette for using your mobile. She published books and articles and gives interviews and lectures about nomophobia, smartphone etiquette, video calling etiquette, digital detox and digital wellness.